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Privic was first introduced to the world in 2010 by Dr Jhonston and a colleague who suffered themselves with Restless Leg Syndrome. The resulting formula offered quick, effective pain relief without the use of prescription drugs.

Today, Privic is providing relief to countless leg cramps sufferers. Privics unique blend and formulation is also comforting to reducing painful ankle, leg, hip, thigh and joints and helping to lessen effects of muscular strains. Medical Practitioners have trusted the Privic brand to many suffers, and continue to educate their patients that there is relief.

We are very pleased with the results of Privic. And thank you to the so many Privic users we are grateful for all your support and heartfelt testimonials.

Privic is not just a product it is our Company. We guarantee our outmost dedication to discover the relief of restless legs and to provide and outstanding product and supporting educational material.

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